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Poverty Eradication and Planning of Sustainable Energy

Laufzeit des Projektes:

31.03.2005 bis 31.03.2008


Forschungsgruppe Umweltpsychologie (FG-UPSY)


This EU-funded project was a cooperation between University of Magdeburg and the French NGO FONDEM (Fondation Energie pour le Monde). The project's aim was to set up four programmes for a Decentralized Rural Electrification with Renewable Energy covering two regions in the provinces Fianarantsoa (hauts plateaux) and Toliara (coast). It started with an investigation of the ecological, economical and socio-cultural preconditions in cooperation with representatives from political institutions and non-governmental organisations as well as local and national stakeholders. Outgoing from this strategies were developed aiming to decrease poverty with the help of electrification in an economical, ecological and social sustainable way. The task of the Magdeburg work group was on the one hand to add social aspects to the investigations and on the other hand enhancing the process with participatory methods.



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Dipl.-Psych. Melanie Jaeger & Prof. Dr. Petra Schweizer-Ries