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Joint ECO-CITY developments in Scandinavia and Spain

Laufzeit des Projektes:

Oktober 2005 bis September 2011


Reto M. Hummelshøj


The aim of the "ECO-City project" is to demonstrate innovative integrated energy concepts in the supply and demand side in three successful Communities in Denmark/Sweden, Spain and Norway, respectively the cross border community of Helsingør and Helsingborg, the community of Tudela and the community of Trondheim. From the outset the three Communities all have an advanced energy profile in comparison to other national and neighbouring communities and activities initiated as part "ECO-City" hence builds on that platform. The large number of demonstration activities, are based on both the demand i.e. demonstration of ECO-buildings and rational use of energy, and the production side i.e. demonstration of various renewable energy technologies. All demonstration projects are defined in a "Whole Community Approach", which involve that all project initiatives is considered as integrated components. The aim being to ensure that optimal interaction and balancing of the demand and supply at all times. Also the activities will be coordinated between the three communities to exploit and learn from experiences across borders and traditions.


Project Website

For more detailed project informations, project results, dissimination activitys and pictures and videos, please visit the official project website: www.ecocity-project.eu



For a full list of involved project partners, please visit the official project website: http://www.ecocity-project.eu/Partners.html

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