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Overcoming Non-Technological Barriers for Full-Scale Use of Biodiesel in Europe

Laufzeit des Projektes:

01.01.2006 bis 31.12.2007


Acciona Biocombustibles, Spain


The Pro-Biodiesel Project was funded by the European Commission (Directorate-General for Energy and Transport/Intelligent Energy Executive Agency) and dealt with the technical and non-technical barriers for the use of Biodiesel in Europe. The project is planned for two years (2006/2007).

The project partners came from different European Countries

  • Acciona Biocombustibles: the biggest producer of Biodiesel from vegetable oils in Spain
  • Repsol: leading fuel distributing company in Spain
  • CRES: the Greek national research centre on renewable energies
  • ABI: Austrian centre with the highest knowledge about the Biodiesel situation in the European Union (EU-25)
  • University of Magdeburg: a leading university in the field of socio-technical and socio-cultural activities in the field of renewables

Biodiesel and Bioethanol are the two liquid biofuels that in the short term are expected to contribute the most to reducing the current external dependence on (fossil) fuels for transport. Biodiesel can be used in diesel engines; Bioethanol can be used instead of petrol/gasoline in petrol/Otto engines. However, yet production and use of Biodiesel is not sufficient.
The general objective of this project was to promote Biodiesel as a competitive and commercial product in the European fuel market, using the broadest range of raw materials.

Tasks of the Environmental Psychology Research Group at the University of Magdeburg:

  • Socio-economic studies about the market situation in Germany, France and Spain.
  • From the analysis of the target groups of Biodiesel recommendations were derived for launching the new product and for planning interventional strategies for the implementation of Biodiesel in Spain.
  • A socio-scientific investigation was carried out in Germany and France. The situation was compared to the Spanish market with a focus on cultural distinctiveness.
  • The whole process until the project’s end was accompanied by formative and summative evaluation in order to accompany the fulfilment of the project’s goals, impact and achievements.
  • Key actors on the European level as well as on the national and regional level were interviewed and interventions were planned to support the use of Biodiesel.
  • Finally, the methodology for incorporating a new Biodiesel in the market will be designed.


More Informations

For more detailed project informations and project results, please visit the official project website: Pro-Biodiesel


Acciona Biocombustibles, Spain

Repsol YPF, Spain

CRES, Center for Renewable Energy Sources, Greece

ABI, Austrian Biofuels Institute, Austria

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Dipl.-Psych. Ines Heinen, Dipl.-Psych. Irina Rau & Prof. Dr. Petra Schweizer-Ries